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EVE’s Partner – ADAM

1.      Their first meeting of Adam and Eve brought lots of excitement. What people call a spark! Love at first sight. There must be excitement and joy in your relationship. If there’s no joy ask the Lord for joy. That is one of the signs that God is there Adam screamed Wow! What a beautiful edifice. At last somebody that speaks my language. You need somebody that speaks your language. That will understand you. Don’t marry face, shape, height, vision or bank account. Look beyond these and marry for their heart.

2.      His language: He was speaking alien language talking to animals, etc then came the woman. She speaks my language. Dear woman, your man needs you to speak his language. So, when you’re not speaking his language, he goes back to the animals. The long working hours, computer, late nights out, the friends, porn, side chics. But there’s a way you can speak your language and still make sure it’s his language. That is the language of love.

3.      His personality: Shy/unable to approach the woman: There are some single brothers that find it hard to speak to ladies, God had to step in for Adam to find a wife. If you are shy, ask the Lord to help you. Adam was looking for his type among animals and trees. Stop looking in the wrong places. If you’re afraid of rejection, don’t stay there. The Holy Spirit is your helper. If you’re looking at wild parties, clubs and social gatherings to find an enduring relationship, a godly one, You are wrong. If you married a shy man, don’t expect him to become superman overnight! Know your man.

4.      His Discernment: Meanwhile, this sister Eve had been on the side of Adam all these while…. Adam didn’t know she was there. Eve came from his side. Most times, your spouse is from those in your direct or indirect circle. That’s why relationships are important. Some men die in silence. Same with the ladies too. You see a beautiful sister, pretend like you don’t like her or just keep your cool. Year in, year out, age is counting, pressure mounting and nothing is happening. You’re friends, good friends but you keep fantasizing in your head and halting between 2 opinons. Wake up! Be smart and sharp. Dear brother, you are the pastor, priest, and provider of your home. Are you fulfilling this task? When you fall short here, somebody else will step in, either the woman will do it herself or somebody else will step in. There is no vacuum in life!

5.      His timing: God helped Adam before sister Eve went off the market. After praying you feel the Lord is still warming up your heart to her. You keep waiting. Then once she’s off the market you start beating up yourself. Whose fault? Will she wait for your indecision ever? No way! Same applies to the women too. Ruth in the bible made herself obvious, approachable and visible. Don’t be too high on your horse that you become unapproachable. (Ruth 3:4-6) Ruth honorably approached the man she wanted to marry. HONOURABLY. If he’s not approaching you, you might have to help him…be sure the Lord is leading you and you have prayed.

6.      Adam knew what he wanted. Prov 24:21 A woman that can understand and handle him, even in his weakest moments. Don’t marry a man that is easily given to change. Marry the one that has vision, focus and knows what he wants. Adam said this is NOW meaning he never had what was his own, his type.

7.      His mandate: To cleave. His mandate was to cleave to his wife. Where purpose is not known abuse is inevitable. Gen 2:24 (AMP). Dear brother what are you cleaving to? Don’t tell me Paul never married so you’re like Paul the Apostle. If you’re not cleaving to your wife according to God’s word, then you’re cleaving to something else. If you see a man whose attention is shifted, first from God, then from family, most of the times he is an unstable man.